Remi Berteyac —Espace Terre owner

Born in the beautiful Eastern Townships countryside, Remi has been in direct contact with nature from his young age. Over the years, his interest transformed itself into a passion. The “true” outdoors provided him with the perfect playground to develop his fascination with nature, mostly with conifers, but also with Quebec’s magnificent omnipresent nature. With time, he also has the opportunity to acquaint himself with Europe’s large diversity of plants thanks to his family ties, some of which still reside in the old country. This young horticulturist differentiates himself by his extensive knowledge, his environmentally friendly work techniques, his use of biological products (as much as possible) and his many years of enriching experiences with industry leaders including several participations on specialized Quebec TV shows. His greatest wish is to value, help and assist people to instil his passion and promote the synergy between mankind and nature.